Friday, July 15, 2011

tak selamat

i hate using the lift when there is only me and a guy (unknown) inside.cuak dol! and i will make sure everything is secured and i will lean my body to the side so i can see the guy movement.and i will hold the car key as a weapon if he happens to do something to

but as far, nothing happened. i had never stab anyone yet.but last week,i went to make it short, i had used the lift.but this time, i was sehelai sepinggang.without my weapon or what. aaannddd i was inside the lift with a pakcik!. so i thought it would be safe laa..sekali pkck tu gatal!! eff!

our conversations:

pkcik: ada benang kt baju adik..

me: mana? *cuba buang*

pkck: niii kt belakang ni..belah sana..sini saya tunjuk

me: oh yeke..*mulai curiga ngan pkck ni**sambil cari2 benang tu padahal dlm hati cuak*

pkck: meh sini saya ambik kan..

me: *ni dah melampau!* ehh xpe sy blh ambil sendiri

pkck: kene bukak baju ni..

pintu lift terbukak!

me: *alhamdulillah!!!*

the actual conversation panjang lagi.imagine lah naik lift from ground floor to the third floor.cuak bhai.aku masih suci..

maybe his intention baik..but seriously a normal man would not tegur if he saw a tiny mini thread or something on an unknown person shirt..kan?


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FS*RawkS* said...

waddahell wehhhh?!?!! BAHAHAHAHA!