Friday, July 15, 2011


today i went to see the mom asked me to go for checkup and she asked me to do scalling to unplug cavity on the teeth. seeing dentist scares me the most.! and i hate to nganga mulut for hours! jaw breaker dol!

the appointment should be at 11am.but the nurse had forgotten my appointment and had allowed someone else to meet the doctor before me..and i had to wait for one hour 34 minutes and 34 seconds to be exact! fuuuuu!! scalling is effing scary! i hate the chainsaw sound made by the tool!

and the good part is that, the doctor said i had took a good care of my teeth..(woaah!really?) she said that some of youngsters at my age had already suffered gigi berlubang.waa seramnya..

then lets flashback to the year 1997, when i was in standard 1. for your information i was the kind of kiddo yg lazy ass to brush my teeth..dulu..yelah mn tak..toothpaste yg ada d rumah hanya banana flavor. while i like stoberi flavor! semua nya gara2 my sister n brother like banana flavor more.bagi menjukkan protes, i dont brush my teeth! i even lied to my mom when she asked whether i've brushed my teeth or not..lolz..

dulu kt sekolah kan ada nurse2 dtng sekolah cek gigi.. nurse tu panggil 5 org -5org utk cek for my class, i was considered as the first batch since my name starts with A..and my crush by that time as i can recall his name is ahmad syamil (or something)(gatal tak aku baru darjah satu dh ade crush2?lolz)(ahmad syamil ni x hensem pon..kepeng dan gelap je) was also in the first batch like me..hehehehe

nk di jadikan cerita, my turn utk di cek was before ahmad syamil ni.nurse tu cek punya cek, tahu tak apa nurse tu kata?? 'awak ni malas gosok gigi ye?' kuat pulak tu! habes ahmad syamil dengar! jatuh saham aku bhaaaaiiiiiiii! malu bukan kepalang lagi2 crush aku ade kt situ...fuuuuuuu!

ever since that, i brush my teeth everyday! and every night!
and ever since tu jgk aku dah no feeling kt ahmad syamil..malu punya

anyway thanks ahmad syamil sbb berjaya mengubah ku! lolz..

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rajin update skang ye.. hehe :D